Saying goodbye to your pet

Part of having a pet in our lives means that, one day, we know we will have to part with them. Although we might hope that they won’t wake up one morning, we often have to make the decision to do them one last kindness and consider euthanasia.

The process usually involves giving a sedative to help calm the pet before administering an overdose of an anaesthetic into a vein in the front leg which causes them to slip away peacefully. You may, of course, stay with your pet throughout or say your goodbyes beforehand.

If you would like to arrange a home visit instead of coming to the practice, we would do our best to make this possible

If you have a spot in the garden for burial, you can take your pet home afterwards or you can leave them with us for cremation; either a group cremation or an individual cremation with the return of their ashes. These can be returned in a variety of caskets or urns, or alternatively, a container for scattering.