Pet Passport

Malcolm and Jen are classed as Official Veterinarians with the AHPA and are able to issue Pet Passports and certify Export Health Certificates for pets. The current procedure for travel within the EU comprises ensuring a working microchip can be found, rabies vaccination at least 3 weeks before any travel and issuing the Pet Passport itself. Additionally, dogs must be treated for tapeworms by a vet, 24 hours to 5 days before return to the UK.

There is currently some doubt about the freedom of cats, dogs and ferrets to travel to the EU after the UK leaves on 29/3/19. If the UK leaves without a deal, the likely process would require ensuring a working microchip, vaccination against rabies, waiting at least 30 days before carrying out a blood test to ensure the vaccination has been successful and then waiting 3 months before travel to the EU. Additionally, a health certificate will need to be issued by a vet in the 10 days prior to travel on each occasion you take a pet to the EU.

The process will take at least 4 months so if you are planning to travel to the EU with your pet shortly after Brexit, you may wish to consider starting the process now to prevent unnecessary delays. If you are planning to travel later in the year, you may consider waiting to see if an EU deal is struck which allows travel with less onerous requirements. For further details, please see the government website here.

We can also advise on potential health threats to consider if taking your pet abroad.

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